A family with the vocation towards sustainable nutrition from one generation to another

The plus of a family business: Riseria Cremonesi 1951 srl is an agri-food sector industry wich processes Rice. Its business aims to control punctually the wastefulness, use each company’s resource at its best and to verify every step of the production personally. This allows the reduction of food waste and the optimization of the company’s economic performances.






Purchase of the raw material from a secure and sustainable agriculture

  • Supply chain contracts
  • Purchase of raw materials from areas dedicated to Rice cultivation
  • Eco-sustainable transport: Verona, the most important logistic center of Italian agrifood goods for the export in Europe 
  • Direct relationship with the farmer/agricultural cooperative of sale, powered by a constant dialogue 
  • Reduction of the environmental impact: purchase of Italian high quality paddy Rice, chosen also from new cultivars that produce more tons/per hectare, use less syntetic products and promote innovative cultivation techniques like the minimum tillage and sod seeding

Sustainability and environmental security during the processing and the production of Rice

  • Productive process in a unique mill with daily estimate of the electricity used in the procedure; and annual evaluation of the employment of new technologies to make the company more efficient
  • Natural processing with no addiction of additive or other substances
  • Reduction of the waste: Italian record of the Rice packaging with a unique barrier pack in protective atmosphere (1994) 
  • Packaging with fully recyclable materials

A secure and sustainable management of the company

  • Purchase of the electricity from supplier that produce a part of their energies from alternative sources 
  • Sale of inedible byproducts to produce electric energy in biogas plants
  • Share of the values to create more value: coworkers contribute to the company success
  • Recognition of the security culture to improve own and company’s performances, by encouraging safe and healthy behavior both in private and work life

The social responsibility in the selling of the product

  • Broadcasting of the sustainability concept while facing the purchase choice. Our sustainable Rice comes from continuous innovation, care for a healthy nutrition, quality and freshness of the product, clear and responsible communication
  • High level IFS certificate with annual renewal
  • Packagings have a dosing bar to reduce the food waste
  • Special attention and care for health and exercise: we are sponsor of Veronese running groups and other sport societies for years 

The future of Riseria Cremonesi

Building of a sustainable and long-lasting business in the long period

Access to new durable forms of capital

Approach to new sustainable markets or sustainable market niche

Handle climate change risks by choosing the impact investing

Realization of functional team building to assure more satisfaction and efficiency among our coworkers

Realization of an ethic and environmental company’s policy and presentation of that to our stakeholders

Work with 100% recyclable/compostable packagings made from plant resources

Grow of the voluntary initiatives about safety and health at work and strengthen of this culture

Start of a digital transformation with the aim to inhance the company activity and the working methods