Riseria Cremonesi is a partner and sponsor of the “Associazione Cuochi Veronesi”

The association “Cuochi Veronesi” is part of the “Unione Cuochi del Veneto”, both represented at national level by the Italian Federation of Chefs (Federazione Italiana Cuochi).

It organizes cooking events, courses and competitions and is committed to transmitting the passion and importance of the work of the cook and the ancient values of the kitchen.

The love for cooking is perceived in the desire to excite the guest and in the support offered to restaurant entrepreneurs and enthusiasts.

Rice is the basic ingredient of many culinary preparations and always present on the menu of restaurants.

For 70 years, Riseria Cremonesi has been selecting the best rice for very high performance in the kitchen, so that any dish prepared can best enhance the chef’s recipe and the gastronomic values of a territory.

Our desire is to provide the guarantee of an excellent starting point, with the right amount of starch and perfect cooking resistance to guarantee success.

Enjoy your meal!