Riseria Cremonesi 1951 is the official sponsor of the upcoming season 2022-2023 of ITAS Trentino Volley.

Trentino Volley is one of the main important realities in the Italian and international panorama.

In a short time (from 2000 to today) it became Champion of Italy, of Europe and of the World; titles that recognize an important visibility in one of the most loved and followed sports in the world.

This year, the women team joins Trentino Volley together with the men team.

Rice is a food which is traditionally present in our pantries, as well as it is a healthy food and therefore suitable for sportsmen.

It is ideal before a workout or a match and could be a staple of a light and balanced diet.

San Marco, our most famous brand, will be the winning player of the season.

In its many nuances in variety of (Italian) rice and in formats, it is the right ingredient for all volleyball lovers.

We believe in this sport and in these talented teams.

Our commitment to supporting Trentino Volley results in the desire to obtain excellent results.


See you on the court!