The history of Riseria Cremonesi is collected in the memories of Egidio Cremonesi, Order of Merit, in his writings of 2006. While reading, one can perceive passion, art, ambition, enthusiasm and the bright from the first sight of the founder when he was a child to the long-lasting experience of the company.


The first sellings of Egidio Evelino Cremonesi lay the foundations for Riseria Cremonesi. The first deliveries of pet food on his motorbike Guzzi dating back to 1949, with the image of his loyal dog Fert, soon became the first orders of Rice in 1 kg packaging with the symbol of the lion of the next brand “Riso San Marco”.
This is considered as the establishment of Riseria Cremonesi.


Egidio rents an existing water mill in Bovolone after the increase of its production and trade of Rice. Then, in 1959, he marries the love of his life, Mrs. Elsa.
Their complicity in private life enters in the company too and the two, with a spirit of sacrifice and great commitment, work side by side everyday. For that time, they brought big innovations in the field of Rice.
It’s during their first year of marriage that he builds a modern Rice mill close to the centre of the village.


Move of the company and building of the present mill in Via Madonna 380 in Bovolone.


Egidio and Elsa, who constantly pass down their passion for work and for Rice, let their sons enter the management of the company.
In these years Riseria Cremonesi reaches high levels of production and exportation and increases its dimensions.
The family business of the company guarantees continuity in the culture of the product and the maintaining of the dedication and the business commitment which are, in fact, the winning formula of the Mill.


Riseria Cremonesi takes part in international exhibitions from the mid 80s with a personal booth at Cibus in Parma. In 1989 it’s also active at the Anuga in Cologne and in 1993 at the Summer Fancy Food.
The company opens its business to worldwide markets, based on the quality of its production.


Riseria Cremonesi creates the first package of Rice in a protective atmosphere with unique barrier wrapping, similar to the one used for fresh pasta, born from the intuition of the Production Manager and developed together with the Universities of Milan and Piacenza.
This method uses less material in favour of the environment and guarantees the product a longer shelf life and a high durability when open.


Riseria Cremonesi celebrates its first 50 years of activity. An important goal: a new start for further possibilities to grow, strong of our history and experience.


Tommaso Cremonesi enters as the new CEO of Riseria Cremonesi 1951 srl.
He manages the company with the passion and the knowledge of his grandfather Egidio. With his degree in Agronomics – University of Bologna, he has a special attention to the purchase of raw materials.
Our milestones are to maintain alive and constant the spark of innovation, of the attention for the beyond, of the creation, of the research for excellence. From one generation to another we have specialized in the processing of high quality Rice, by fulfilling the wish of Egidio and by guaranteeing more stability to the company.
Our modern Mill unites the traditional taste to evolved production techniques to arrive at the table of our worldwide customers.