When Terra & Cuore and Riseria Cremonesi come together, they create FIOR DI RISO.

A good ice cream because it is natural, light, gluten-free and sincere like us. With this partnership, we support craftsmanship and love for our land.

Since our first meeting we have understood each other perfectly, united by the love for the island of Elba, the place where Terra & Cuore, a company producing artisan goat milk-based ice cream, was born and where its farm still resides today.

We both believe in the naturalness, genuineness and seasonality of the products that our land gives us and we work them in an artisanal way.

For many people, our working method is a re-discovery of traditions, a return to manual skills and a resumption of sustainability; values ​​that have always been part of our daily routine.

Fior di Riso represents great news for us at Riseria Cremonesi, which for over 70 years in Bovolone have been producing a commonly used product: Rice.

A food that is often underestimated and considered “poor”, but which turns out to be an ally of health, rich in fiber and low in fat.

In this way the creativity and innovation of Terra & Cuore has gone beyond the tastes created so far, to embrace a new concept of “plant based” ice cream, meeting the new needs of consumers, who are increasingly attentive and curious to savor new emotions.

Terra & Cuore has decided to experiment the first rice-based flavor: a “fiordilatte” made from the processing of Cremonesi Rice that transforms a simple grain into a creamy, light and crunchy ice cream.

The explosion of flavors when tasting Fior di Riso brings us back to sensations that we commonly believe are possible only in first courses. A demonstration of the versatility of this raw material in an amazing result!

The type of Cremonesi rice used for this ice cream is a common variety of the japonica family, Originario.

It has a small and round grain, ideal, thanks to its stickiness, for preparations in which rice is used as the basic ingredient of the recipe. It is one of the main Italian varieties known for its versatility in the kitchen.


Fior di Riso’s recipe remains jealously secret; its main ingredients, in addition to rice, are passion, experimentation and quality.

A naturally gluten-free and 100% vegan taste, particularly suitable for celiacs and milk intolerant.

At the first taste, a smile of satisfaction escaped us.

Sharing with our experts and collaborators has given us positive opinions.

For this, we invite you to smile with us while tasting Fior di Riso, wishing you to savor the joy of this specialty!

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